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Bourke & Co Solicitors
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167/171 Drimnagh Rd Walkinstown Dublin 12
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Solicitors in Walkinstown

Solicitors in Walkinstown

BOURKE & COMPANY SOLICITORS was founded in 1980. The business started in a small office in the Walkinstown Dublin area and rapidly expanded into its current location.

The practice is a community based business providing a full range of services to its clients. The Community are those people who value dealing with Solicitors whom they can trust and can rely upon to do their work in a fast efficient manner and at a reasonable cost.


Bourke & Company is a practice that focuses on service. All of our business comes to us by way of referral from our existing clients.


We ask our clients at the commencement of a new case what they would like to achieve as an outcome for their file. We discuss and agree the outcome and we then focus our energy on achieving that outcome.


We ask our clients to indicate to us the key issues that they want us to address and by which they will judge the service we give them.


We ascertain each client’s needs and we then tailor our service to meet those needs. At the completion of a client’s case we then ask them to judge our service based on the criteria we established at the beginning.


It is our experience that by involving our clients in this process we establish a strong bond of trust with them. The bond of trust leads to a high quality of service which in turn keeps our clients happy and this leads to further business.


We invite you to come and see us, test our service and satisfy yourself that our clients tell the truth when they say that we are the best at what we do. www.bourkesolicitors.com 




Reliable Solicitors in Walkinstown

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Bourke & Co Solicitors Walkinstown

167/171 Drimnagh Rd Walkinstown Dublin 12
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